A vibrant school community, a foundation of Christian values

Every member of our community makes a valuable contribution to the development of our students. Teachers and staff, clergy and parents, younger and older students grow and learn together in a culture of faith. We believe that when students see kindness, generosity and caring modeled throughout their formative years, these lessons stay with them for the rest of their lives.


 We Demonstrate Faith by:

  1.  Participating actively in liturgy and faith traditions
  2. Knowing and applying teachings of the Catholic Church
  3. Demonstrating care for God’s creation


We Engage by:

  1. Listening attentively, speaking clearly and writing concisely
  2. Thinking critically and creatively
  3. Appreciating and developing our strengths


We Show Respect by:

  1. Being punctual and present
  2. Showing courtesy in our actions and words
  3. Acknowledging others and their needs


We Make Good Decisions by:

  1. Considering relevant factors
  2. Being mindful of consequences


We Solve Problems by:

  1. Persevering through challenges
  2. Utilizing strengths of self and others


St. Cecilia Catholic School is a faith-based community that inspires an inquisitive mind and a lifelong commitment to learning and stewardship.