Saint Cecilia Catholic School is a community of connections. Parents and parishioners are welcome in classrooms to assist in many ways. In addition, all families are encouraged to volunteer with our various fundraisers. Please check with your teacher, check your email and this website, to learn about volunteer opportunities. To send your volunteer hours email: parentvolunteer@saintceciliaschool.org.

Parent Club

All Saint Cecilia parents are automatically members of our Parent Club. Each year new executive officers are chosen to form the leadership team.

2017-2018 Parent Club Executive Committee

President: Ashley Bomke

Chairs: Jack Brophy, Thomas Pendelton, Lucia Shaw, Leslie Torres and Kathy Walker

Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Dunstan

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

In accordance with Archdiocesan guidelines, the Parent Club:

  • is responsible for maintaining good communications between the home and school
  • provides a vehicle through which parents can provide service to the school (for example, volunteers and fundraising.
  • offers a mechanism for parent education.
  • serves as a structure for political action when needed (letter writing, phone calls, and visits to legislators)

The officers of the Parent Club work closely with the School Commission in order to more fully understand parent needs.

The School Commission works with parent fundraising groups as a part of their task of coordinating the overall financing of programs for the school. The Parent Club works within the framework of the parish school and will consult with the principal before decisions are made.