Students may pre-order milk to drink with lunch. If you would like your child to have milk each day with lunch, please send in return this order form to the school office. The cost is $130 for the school year ($80 for PreK). If your child would like to have milk once in a while, please send in seventy-five cents. Bring the money to the school office for a milk ticket. Only students who have prepaid, either annually or daily, will receive milk (no IOU’s).


Students eat lunch together in Conger Hall each day. Parents are encouraged to pack a nutritious lunch that your children will enjoy. At SCCS we have a “pack-it-in, pack-it-out” policy, where students bring home their left over food and garbage. This allows parents to be aware of what their children are eating and what they are leaving behind.

Please make every effort to send your child to school with their lunch and snack in hand. If you do need to bring a snack or lunch after school begins please leave it outside of the office door. Students will check for their lunch or snack on their way to recess/lunch.

On PIZZA FRIDAYS parents have the option to order pizza for their students. Pizza orders need to be received in the office a week before, and paid for by the Wednesday the week of. We offer cheese or pepperoni, 1 slice for $3 or 2 slices for $5.

To order for Pizza Friday send an email to: stating students name, what type of pizza, how many slices and for what week the order is for. Parents can also order for a month at a time.

For any questions please call the office at 206-842-2017.