Preschool and kindergarten students learn Christian values, reinforced through the “Three R’s” of Saint Cecilia Catholic School:


  • For God
  • For all of Life


  • For ourselves
  • For others
  • For property


  • To our families
  • For our actions
  • For our school work

A 1st through 8th grade Saint Cecilia student is:

A student of Catholic faith who is respectful, shows reverence and is responsible, a child who

  • Acquires knowledge of faith, traditions and authentic teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Participates in liturgical, sacramental and prayer experiences
  •  Peacefully solves conflicts
  • Develops strategies for moral and ethical decision-making

An active learner who …

  • Is able to listen actively, speak clearly and write concisely and correctly
  • Works to improve self and academic success with strong work ethic through goal setting, study habit, time management and organizational skills
  • Demonstrates responsible use of technology to enhance learning
  • Practices academic risk-taking through critical and creative thinking, problem solving and working cooperatively

A servant learner who …

  • Acquires an awareness of the principles of Catholic social teaching
  • Demonstrates respect, reverence and responsibility for all of God’s creation
  • Responds to Christ’s call to serve