A lifelong enthusiasm for learning doesn’t just happen.

At Saint Cecilia we strive to cultivate the joy of learning in each and every one of our students. Our teachers lay the groundwork with our youngest students by stressing the importance of our three Rs—reverence, respect and responsibility—outlined in our Student Learning Expectations. From these early lessons students begin to understand how responsibility is connected to completing homework assignments, studying for exams and striving for excellence; how respect is linked to successful collaboration; and how reverence helps create a more compassionate environment.

Our classroom exercises and activities are designed to appeal to a wide variety of learning styles.

While endeavoring to create a strong foundation of essential skills in math, science, language and social science on which students can continue to build, our teachers make learning fun and engaging. Moreover, they provide opportunities for students to interact with course material in a way that’s meaningful to them, through creative projects.

As students grow in skill, mastery and confidence, they learn to work independently on increasingly more difficult challenges.

Because teachers encourage older students to mentor younger ones, children learn to support each other, as they join in lively and respectful collaborations.