20th Anniversary Celebration


We are delighted to be celebrating our 20th year as a Catholic school!  

The best way to celebrate this milestone is to grow our Saint Cecilia Catholic School Patrons’ Endowment which plays a vital role in our fiscal health.

Each year, SCCS receives a distribution of funds from the Endowment that are a critical supplement to the school’s operating budget.

Our Endowment Campaign runs from January 8th – March 31st

We ask that all school families and parishioners make a gift of $20 to our Endowment. If we raise $10,000, our St. Cecilia Parish will donate a match of $10,000.

Presently we are serving 124 Preschool through 8th grade students.  As our school continues to grow and impact more families, it is crucial that we maintain a healthy annual budget.

Your gift of $20 is a contribution to the health and vibrancy of our wonderful school.

With joy and gratitude,

Susan Kilbane