A Blessing Becomes A Tradition


Science Teacher Mrs. Van Eaton shared her family Epiphany tradition.  Mrs. Lee-Despard and Mrs. Taylor loved the tradition; they did some research and shared a plan for us to take part in this beautiful Epiphany blessing.

On January 6th Father Mark wrote in chalk at the top of each classroom doorway:

20 + C + M + B + 22

2022 = the year

4 crosses = God being with us throughout all 4 seasons

                     3 letters = Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, the Three Kings

Father Mark blessed each class with the following:

Blessed is this doorway.

May all who come to our home this year

rejoice to find Christ living among us

as we welcome them with respect and kindness.


Bless all the classrooms in our school.

May each be holy and filled with

the spirit of happiness and peace, love and affection.

May the spirit of pardon and affection reside with us

and always be ready to heal our division.


May the spirits of joy and laughter, hope and faith,

playfulness and prayer, compassion and love

be perpetual guest in our home.

May God’s holy blessing rest upon us all.


This beautiful blessing will be bestowed on each classroom every year from now on.

With gratitude,

Susan Kilbane