Tuition & Financial Aid


The tuition structure at St. Cecilia Catholic School is designed to assist families who value their Catholic faith and a faith-based education. Through fundraising, parish support and scholarships, we are able to minimize tuition for our families.

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees:

K-8 Tuition



One Student



Two Students



Three Students



Family Maximum



Explorers Pre-School (Tu-Th)



One Student



Pre-K (M-W-F)



One Student



Tuition Notes:

  • Application Fee (per family): $50
  • Registration Fee (per family): $200 ($100 if Pre-K or Explorers only)
  • Family Maximum applies to Pre-K and Explorers
  • In-Parish Tuition:  
  • The In-Parish Tuition Rate is made available to registered, participating members of Saint Cecilia Parish. This includes families who have recently moved to Kitsap County and were registered, contributing members at their former parishes, as evidenced by a letter from the pastor or parish administrator. It also includes Catholic families who belong to other local parishes and who provide a letter from their pastor or parish administrator attesting to their registered, active, and contributing status in their home parishes.
  • Non-Parishioners and Parishioners not meeting the Parish minimum standards will follow the Out-of-Parish Tuition Schedule.

Tuition Payments

Families have the option of paying their tuition in full (by June 1) or monthly through Smart Tuition. The tuition cycle runs from July through June each year. Those families who enroll late will have their tuition payments amortized over a shorter period (e.g., September to June). The Smart Tuition form must be completed and returned with the Tuition & Volunteer Agreement (except for families selecting the Annual Payment option). It is expected that every reasonable effort be made to meet the monthly tuition payment. If circumstances prevent the payment of outstanding tuition owed, please contact the Principal immediately to discuss potential solutions. Financial assistance may be available to qualifying families.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for students in K – 8th grade to families in need through St. Cecilia Catholic School and also through the financial assistance program provided by the Fulcrum Foundation of the Archdiocese of Seattle.  The Fulcrum’s application deadline is December 11, 2020. Tuition assistance is a year-by-year agreement so families need to re-apply each year.  The current year’s agreement, if any, will not roll forward into the next year.

To request financial assistance from SCCS, families must do the following:

A limited amount of funds will be available for tuition assistance for families moving to Kitsap County after the deadline.  Those families must provide a letter from their previous parish stating their active participation in that parish and have an interview with the SCCS principal, in addition to providing the documents listed above.

Key Tuition and Financial Aid Dates

April 27 2020: 

Deadline to qualify for the Early Registration Incentive (discount).  To qualify for the discount, families must complete and turn in the following:

Returning Families

  1. Tuition and Volunteer Agreement Form
  2. Re-registration Fee

New Families

One per Student Applicant:

  • Application for Admission
  • Certificate of Immunization Status
  • Request to Transfer Academic Records

One per Family:

  • Tuition and Volunteer Agreement Form
  • Register Online for Smart Tuition (if paying monthly)


  • Application Fee
  • Registration fee

June 1: 

Deadline to prepay tuition and fees.  Tuition and fees outstanding after this date will be rolled into monthly payments through Smart Tuition.

July 1: 

2020-2021 tuition payments begin

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