Bloom’s Taxonomy is a framework for categorizing levels of active learning.

Bloom’s Taxonomy:  Top to Bottom

CREATE:               Design, construct, produce, invent

EVALUATE:         Check, hypothesize, experiment

ANALYZE:            Compare, organize, deconstruct

APPLY:                  Implement, carry out, use

UNDERSTAND:  Interpret, summarize, explain

REMEMBER:       Retrieve, list, describe

Memorizing multiplication facts is at the bottom of Bloom’s.  It is a rote learning activity AND it is foundational to all math learning, beginning in 3rd grade.

The capacity to quickly recall multiplication facts is crucial for our students to tackle more complex math problems.

In order to BLOOM, every child in 3rd-8th grade needs to know their multiplication facts like the back of their hand.

With respect,

Susan Kilbane

Practice Multiplication Facts at Home from 2 X 1= 2  up through 12 X 12 = 144.