Change for Ukraine


Teacher Sarah Taylor developed a Change for Ukraine campaign which engaged the hearts and minds of her 5th/6th graders; their energy and enthusiasm motivated teacher Amy Lee-Despard and her 7th/8th grade to collect change as well.  Each class raised over $1,000 for a grand total of $2, 593.85 sent to Empact NorthwestAdditional donations by SCCC families were sent directly to


5th/6th grade students’ written reflections


It makes me feel good that we are helping in this huge humanitarian crisis.            Aiden


It’s so sad to see how much people are going through at such a young age.              Ruby


I really enjoyed the program because everyday when I brought in money and heard coins clank at the bottom of the tub, I knew I was helping Ukraine.                                       Megan



I am more aware of Ukraine’s situation with Russia.  I am so happy that my classmates are so happy, motivated and determined to raise the most money to help Ukraine.    Colette


I have learned that when one person or a group of people do something with kindness from their heart, many people will follow in their path and choose to do the same.        David O.


With awe,

Susan Kilbane