Flexible Thinking


Flexible Thinking is the ability to cognitively think about something in a different way.  This includes the capacity to come up with several solutions to a problem, reflect on the solutions and select the best response. (A Fresh Breath on Teaching blog by Molly).

We revised one of our top three Schoolwide Learning Expectations this year to include:


COVID has required all of us to engage in Flexible Thinking.  We brainstorm solutions, reflect on what works best and implement the best solution.  We continue to assess and reflect, knowing that we may need to make further changes.  Our thinking cannot be rigid; we must consider various options on the road to finding out what will work best for our school community.

The number one reason we are learning in school full-time every day during the COVID pandemic is because our students, teachers, staff and parents are engaging in Flexible Thinking.  We figured out (and we continue to figure out) how to learn and grow in community.   

With respect,

Susan Kilbane