St. Cecilia Parish Auction – Saturday, November 2 at 6 pm

What is the annual Parish Auction anyway?

It’s a fun night out with parishioners. A time to dress up, laugh, dance, have a cocktail, enjoy delicious food, and FUNdraise.
Monies raised through live auction and paddle calls support repairs, capital projects, as well a portion of the operating expenses
of the parish.

Who will watch my children?

If you can’t find a sitter for the evening, childcare will be provided at no charge. Tips are welcomed by our sitters. Please call 206-
842-2017 or email to reserve a spot and help us to provide an adequate number of personnel.

WOW! Sounds fun. When is it?

Saturday November 2 at 6 pm in Conger Hall. Tickets will be available soon.

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