Policies & Forms

School Forms

Please complete the following forms and return it to the SCCS office in person, e-mail or mail. 

Forms to Read

School Policies

Please consult the SCCS & Preschool Family Handbooks for detailed information on Saint Cecilia Catholic School, including school policies.

Parents and Guardians Code of Ethics

In line with its commitment to the values and philosophy of a Catholic education and teachings of the Catholic Church, Saint Cecilia Catholic School is dedicated to be a trusted and ethical partner with parents and guardians in the academic, spiritual, emotional and physical development of their children. Every effort will be made to provide each student with a caring and supportive environment in which a child can grow and strive to achieve their full potential. Open and reciprocal communication is the cornerstone of the cooperative partnership between our school and parents and guardians. To foster a successful partnership, we ask all parents, guardians and extended family members to adhere to the following Parents and Guardians Code of Ethics. Parents or guardians of a student enrolled at Saint Cecilia Catholic School will:

Be the primary provider of the moral guidance and spiritual foundation of the child

Model a behavior consistent with the teachings of Christ

Abide by the guidelines set forth in the SCCS Parent and Student Handbook

Assure that each child comes to school each day mentally and physically prepared to learn

Encourage each child’s appreciation and practice of reverence, respect and responsibility

Respect the dignity of each student, teacher, staff member, administrator and volunteer

Treat students, faculty, staff, administrators and other SCCS families with respect at all times

Trust that the school faculty, staff and administration are fair and competent, and will treat each student and family equally in a professional manner at all times

Inform teachers of any problems or difficulties a student encounters with homework or school

Work with the school in a positive manner to resolve all disciplinary issues in accordance with published school policies for the good of the student and the school community

Strive to resolve problems with faculty, staff, administrators, other students or parent volunteers in a constructive and respectful manner, in-line with published school policies so as to not undermine the authority of the school faculty, staff, administrators or the parish pastor

Understand that Saint Cecilia Catholic School values acceptance, appreciation for diversity and tolerance for different cultures represented among the school’s families

Understand and respect that school and staff will honor confidentiality regarding other families and students out of respect for those people’s dignity.