Joy In Service


Our 3rd grade students engaged in a month-long service project that integrated math, writing, art, religion and a whole lot of collaboration.

To begin, Mrs. Bayley shared the plan to make breakfast for the individuals at the Matt Talbot Center in Seattle. A big thank you to parishioners Amy and Brendan Curran for being the liaison to the Center and for delivering the meal on April 18th.

To begin, Mrs. Bayley encouraged students and parents to find ways for the students to earn the money to donate; jobs included dog walking, bathroom cleaning and diaper changing, just to name a few.

  1. Count money donated each day for two weeks – $253 was raised
  2. Prepare shopping list
  3. Walk to Safeway to purchase ingredients
  4. Decorate small Easter baskets
  5. Prepare breakfast meal in Conger Hall

On Saturday, April 16th in Conger Hall, students prepared the breakfast with the support and guidance of their teachers, parents, and grandparents.

The joyful energy was palpable as students chopped onions, cracked eggs, mixed muffin batter and distributed candy into Easter baskets. They learned that working together and serving others feels good and is so much fun!

With gratitude,

Susan Kilbane