Listen Actively




Our schoolwide focus in April was LISTEN ACTIVELY.

Below are excerpts from students’ writing:

I listen actively when my dad is talking.  For example, I am not tapping my spoon against my glass. In my opinion, who would?                            Marco, 2nd


Listening actively is important because it shows I can listen, I am trying and I’m ready to learn!                                                                                           Elise, 3rd


I love listening to people because they have so much to say.  Also, I love talking to people.                                                                                                            Cecilia, 3rd


The best listener in my family is probably my mom because she has four kids and is an office manager.  She listens to every word we say and responds.  Her eyes are on us and not talking.  She won’t talk until we are done.    Wyatt, 4th


Several students wrote about the importance of looking at the person speaking, nodding to show understanding and then asking questions.


 With joy,

Susan Kilbane