Music to our Ears


For the past two years, Mrs. Lexi Bayley taught 3rd grade at SCCS. She introduced a song of the day which exposed students to a wide array of musical groups and genres. She also created a music museum with a variety of string and brass instruments from her collection; students loved trying each instrument.

Mr. Jonathan Bayley is our wonderful St. Cecilia Facilities Manager. He also is an amazing singer and he plays multiple instruments. He sang in the Los Angeles Catholic Chorus and he managed a music studio for recording artists.

Lexi and Jonathan met through their shared love of music.  We are so blessed that they will co-teach our Music classes this year.  If you attend 8:00am mass, you have undoubtedly met them and their adorable 2-year-old son John.


We look forward to a year of beautiful music!

With joy,

Susan Kilbane