Prayers of the Faithful


School Mass is back!  Our Kinder, 1st, 4th and 7th/8th graders attend one week and our 2nd, 3rd and 5th/6th grade classes attend the following week, alternating throughout the year. Each class sits in their own section of pews and students sit six feet apart, every other pew. Only students, teachers and the principal attend mass.

Mrs. Lexi Bayley and her 3rd grade students collaborated to write the Prayers of the Faithful for our first Mass together.

  1. That those who are able, will be generous and help those in need of shelter or care
  2. For those who are in pain, ill or suffering from disease, that they may heal
  3. For all members of our parish and school community
  4. That humans care for God’s creation by being kind to people, animals, and His world
  5. For those in areas with ongoing wars
  6. For those who are struggling, that their faith will get them through
  7. For pets who bring comfort

Lord, hear our prayers.

With gratitude,

Susan Kilbane