Programs & Academics


The greatest gift a teacher can offer students is to set a high bar for academic achievement. With the guidance of our teachers and the encouragement of fellow students, children work hard to master challenging material, acquire new skills and gain the confidence to set lofty personal goals. We accommodate a variety of learning styles, provide hands-on technology experience and are welcoming to children regardless of their current academic level. Our students know they’re expected to do their best and are given the tools they need to succeed.

At St. Cecilia Catholic School, we support the development of the whole child.  We use multiple modalities to teach, so children are able to access new concepts and information in a variety of ways including movement, visual cues and words.  We write across the curriculum.  As students write their own stories, they tap into experiences they have with their families.  Visiting museums, walking in Seattle, playing on sports teams, going to concerts, visiting family in other cities, playing in the woods, doing art projects at home and having time to choose activities all support the development of children’s creativity.  21st Century skills of COLLABORATION, CRITICAL THINKING, COMMUNICATION AND CREATIVITY are all important elements of our SCCS curriculum.  Parents can foster these same skills by providing a variety of activities at home and in the community. 

  • Math, science and technology
  • Reading and writing
  • Religion
  • Social studies
  • Music, art and activities
  • Physical education and athletics
  • After-school programs
  • Guest speakers and field trips

SCCS students are required to read or be read to every night.  They need to finish any work they have not finished in class.  They are always able to practice math facts, as number sense is critical for understanding of all future math they will learn (algebra, geometry, trigonometry).  We assign homework based on the development level of our students.

Over 19 Years of Developing Minds, Hearts and Character.

- A Catholic school on Bainbridge Island for students, Pre-K through 8th grade. -