Salish Sea Science


On a gorgeous sunny day in early March, our 4th graders along with classroom teacher Ms. Kirstin and science teacher Mrs. Van Eaton boarded our yellow school bus, driven by Ms. Cathy, to visit the Port Townsend Marine Science Center.


“The two teachers at the Marine Science Center did a great job explaining a food web (very active lesson) and introducing three real issues happening in the Salish Sea currently – include sea star wasting disease, abalones near extinction and a fish that has exploded in population due to warmer weather. Students then figured out how that would affect the food web!  They then got to see a number of these animals in the aquarium including baby abalones that were being marked with green paint before getting released into the sea.”


“Students learned about fishing, overfishing, bycatch (catching accidental species) and maintaining a stable population while still fishing.”

-Mrs. Van Eaton-


With joy,

Susan Kilbane