The Graduates


This Friday we will celebrate our nine 8th grade graduates during a special mass and a reception in Conger Hall.  They will become one of 93 students who make up our alumni, all taught by our beloved middle school teacher Amy-Lee Despard.


Mrs. Lee-Despard won the 2022 Kitsap County Law Day Essay Contest Classroom Award because of her excellence in teaching writing. Madeline Jones and Logan Maxwell won awards this year for their essays.


Mrs. Lee-Despard has the following George Orwell quote posted in the 7th/8th grade classroom: People who cannot write well cannot think well.  And if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.


Our graduates are headed to Holy Names Academy, O’Dea High School and Bainbridge High School this fall, armed with the capacity to write and think well.  Congratulations to our graduates and to Mrs. Lee-Despard!


With joy,

Susan Kilbane