The Joy of Science


As I was standing on the front steps during dismissal, 4th grader Coen excitedly shared his rodent diagram with me. He had dissected an owl pellet very carefully and glued the bones he’d extracted onto the diagram.  Both his excitement and his final product were remarkable!

Science Teacher Mary Van Eaton brings excellent middle school teaching experience, a passion for science and an appreciation for the uniqueness of each student to her teaching.  She has designed our curriculum to align with the Next Generation Science Standards.

3rd and 4th Science Curriculum

Sept                  Tools of Science

Oct                    Energizing Everything Unit – Flashlights, circuits

Nov – Jan        Human Machine Unit, Bones, Skeleton, Eyes, Brain

Feb – April     Power of Flowers Unit: Plant Cycle and Heredity

May – June      Invisible Forces:  forces, motion, magnets

In Science class, our students very joyfully develop the skills/habits of curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.


With enthusiasm,

Susan Kilbane