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  • Joy

      The Book of Joy includes conversations between His Holiness the Dali Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams.  “Joy is much bigger than happiness; it is a state […]

  • Music to our Ears

      For the past two years, Mrs. Lexi Bayley taught 3rd grade at SCCS. She introduced a song of the day which exposed students to a wide array of musical […]

  • See God in Everyone

      Our theme for the 2022-2023 school year is SEE GOD IN EVERYONE. Being mindful of God’s presence in each person we meet grounds us in our faith. We will […]

  • Inspiration

      Inspiration Inspire was our schoolwide focus word in June.  Below are excerpts of our 6th graders’ writing.   Everyone around me inspires me. Either they gave me an idea […]

  • The Graduates

      This Friday we will celebrate our nine 8th grade graduates during a special mass and a reception in Conger Hall.  They will become one of 93 students who make […]

  • Our Moms

    Word webs created by our 1st and 2nd grade classrooms.   MOM Kind Funny Caring Loving Helpful Beautiful Best Person in the Universe -1st graders-   MOM Happy Unique Graceful […]

  • Listen Actively

          Our schoolwide focus in April was LISTEN ACTIVELY. Below are excerpts from students’ writing: I listen actively when my dad is talking.  For example, I am not […]

  • Marvelous Mothers

      This weekend we celebrate our marvelous mothers.  We are blessed beyond measure at Saint Cecilia to have such loving mothers and grandmothers supporting us every step of the way. […]

  • Joy In Service

      Our 3rd grade students engaged in a month-long service project that integrated math, writing, art, religion and a whole lot of collaboration. To begin, Mrs. Bayley shared the plan […]

  • Thank you!

      Each year we receive an Endowment distribution that is an integral part of our school budget.  The health and vibrancy of our budget directly impacts our capacity to provide […]