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  • Flexible Thinking

      Flexible Thinking is the ability to cognitively think about something in a different way.  This includes the capacity to come up with several solutions to a problem, reflect on […]

  • Blooming

      Bloom’s Taxonomy is a framework for categorizing levels of active learning. Bloom’s Taxonomy:  Top to Bottom CREATE:               Design, construct, produce, invent EVALUATE:         Check, hypothesize, experiment ANALYZE:            Compare, organize, deconstruct […]

  • Rigor

      A new definition of rigor: The degree to which a student is in equal parts intellectually challenged, engaged, enriched and empowered. (“Out of the Shadows”, P. Abrams & O. […]

  • Forgiveness and Gratitude

        Along with principals throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle, I participated virtually in a day of learning, prayer and reflection entitled Christ in the Classroom Leadership Retreat on Prayer […]

  • Where I’m From

      Where I’m From Excerpts of Student Poems Our 5th-8th graders read George Ella Lyons Poem, Where I’m From.  Using the template created by Poet Lyons, students wrote about who […]

  • Learning and Growth, Energy and Joy

      From the moment our day begins, you literally feel the energy and joy of our 126 students and 21 teachers and staff (full-time, part-time and volunteer) as you walk […]

  • Goals of our 7th & 8th Graders

    Goals of our 7th/8th graders I am going to work as hard as I can.  I’m going to put school above all, except family, this year.  I am determined to […]

  • Norms

      Norms Teachers and I gathered at school for our first Professional Learning Community (PLC) meeting two weeks ago. Once the school year begins, our PLC meetings are every Thursday […]

  • Here we go!

      Here We Go! Hallways and classrooms are abuzz with joyful energy as we prepare for the students’ return.  The floors have been waxed, carpets were cleaned and walls have […]

  • Mrs. Marina Giameos

      Mrs. Marina Giameos I am delighted to introduce our 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Marina Giameos.  Mrs. Giameos grew up on Bainbridge Island and lives here now with her husband […]