Where I’m From


Where I’m From

Excerpts of Student Poems

Our 5th-8th graders read George Ella Lyons Poem, Where I’m From.  Using the template created by Poet Lyons, students wrote about who they are through food, faith, family, and place.


Where I’m From

I am from red leather couch,

From Kerrygold and Barrys.

I am from cold, brown, wooden floor

I am from the daisy, the hydrangea


I am from going to Ireland and Granny mum cakes,

From cú and oisín and carver,

I am confident and talkatives.

From Easter Bunny is real and the kitchen is the peace arch.

I am from mass on Sundays, and prayers before dinner.

KATE, 8th


Where I’m From 

I am from warm clothes,

From the dryer and clean detergent.

I am from the house at the end of the lane,

Brown with white trim.

I am from big roses,

The sweet smell of each one.


I’m from California,


Leek soup and niyoki.

I am from the house on Pleasant Beach.

 HELENE, 8th

With joy,

Susan Kilbane