About Saint Cecilia Catholic School

Offering a highly personalized and joyful learning environment, Saint Cecilia Catholic School is recognized for exceptional academics and an inclusive community.


Years of serving the community

Developing inquisitive minds from 2001, Saint Cecilia emphasizes rigorous academics, leadership skills, and intellectual creativity; students are engaged and challenged daily. Our strong curriculum integrates core academics with art, technology, music, language, enrichment programs and faith, encouraging the skills that foster academic, social, and emotional growth.

With a deeply rooted culture of care and collaboration, Saint Cecilia Catholic School cultivates a lifelong love of learning and discovery, empowering our students to discover the extraordinary within themselves and the world around them.

Our Mission

Saint Cecilia is committed to the education and development of the whole child through character growth and development, social emotional literacy, and academic excellence. The educators and professionals of Saint Cecilia motivate and inspire students daily, caring for each student as an individual and cultivating a devotion to personal achievement. We remain steadfast in dedication toward inspiring a contagious spirit of purpose and determination in all. Anchored in timeless values, Saint Cecilia inspires a call to leadership, the utility of creative approaches within our global community, and a commitment to service.

Our Vision

Saint Cecilia is devoted to cultivating the heart, mind, and character of each student through faith, learning, and community. Our caring community of educators and professionals seek to inspire and empower every student, every day. Through upholding the highest standards of academic excellence and moral character in our students, inquisitive minds are developed and challenged in a supportive, respectful, and collaborative environment.

Our Values

Upholding the values of the Catholic community, students flourish in the joyful setting of Saint Cecilia Catholic School, discovering a spirit of purpose, contribution and leadership, as well as their unlimited potential. Considering equity, diversity and inclusivity to be the building blocks of our success, we welcome all.



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