A Community of Engagement.
A Culture of Care.

Upholding and honoring the values necessary for learning and personal achievement.
Understanding that each day represents fresh opportunity for curiosity, discovery, and gratitude, at Saint Cecilia we begin the day by greeting each other with grace and engagement. Principal Susan Kilbane personally greets every student by name and with eye contact and a welcoming smile as they enter school. This interaction ensures that each of our students are seen, appreciated, and understand that they are each an integral part of our school community.
The strong communication that begins our morning is a single component of the joyful environment of Saint Cecilia; and just one of the many aspects that sets our school apart. Our program and environment encourages the development of caring, confident and competent leaders. The spirit of purpose, contribution and enthusiasm at Saint Cecilia cultivates the effective and empowered communication that enables our students and graduates to stand out.

Along with our strong academics, Saint Cecilia is committed to the education and development of the whole child, including social/emotional, creative, cognitive, spiritual and physical. This interconnected approach allows for the discovery of unlimited potential within our students, and is a perspective that creates enthusiasm and engagement within our staff and students, every single day. Our goal is to enable our students to grow and develop into intellectually curious, vibrant, happy, and well-adjusted individuals.

We Are

Upholding and honoring the values necessary for strong and successful communication skills, here at Saint Cecilia, we are:
The Saint Cecilia educators and staff are proud of their shared commitment to the welcoming and empowering atmosphere of Saint Cecilia Catholic School.