Grace Notes for April 27

Experiential Learning

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Shelby Dunlap integrated Science, Art, Reading,
Writing and Math into the wonderful unit All About Chicks. Two days after
spring break, the first chick hatched. Now, 11 chicks are part of the classroom

I popped into the Kindergarten classroom five days after the hatching began.
Students were huddled around the table next to the chicks, listening intently
to Ms. Dunlap’s directions about holding the chicks safely. Hands-on learning
at it’s best!

With joy and gratitude,
Principal Susan Kilbane

Grace Notes for February 24

Prayers of the Faithful From September – mid-February 3rd/4th graders in Ms. Kirsten’s class write the Prayers of the Faithful each week for our Friday

Grace Notes for February 15

Kid Wind Challenge “Our 3rd – 8th grade students designed wind turbine blades (tested, improved, and tested again) with the goal of converting the kinetic energy of wind into

Grace Notes for February 8

STEM Challenge The sail car STEM challenge (adapted from REcharge Lab Activities) for our Pre-K – 2ndgrade students allowed our youngest students to engage in