Grace Notes for February 8

STEM Challenge

The sail car STEM challenge (adapted from REcharge Lab Activities) for our Pre-K – 2nd
grade students allowed our youngest students to engage in the engineering design process
which emphasizes problem solving and learning from their “mistakes.”

They built their car bases from pre-cut corrugated plastic, bamboo skewer axles, and
wooden wheels.  Students designed their own sails (or preK chose the shape of their sails)
with the goal of creating a sail car that could travel the furthest distance when “powered”
by wind generated by a box fan.  They had time to test their sail designs and make
improvements before Monday’s final “challenge” test.  Many of the kids redesigned their
sails, made them larger, or added to catch more wind (Science teacher Mary Van Eaton).


With joy and gratitude,

Principal Susan Kilbane

Grace Notes for February 24

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