Grace Notes for January 25

Folk Art

Our schoolwide 2nd trimester art theme is Folk Art. The hallways are filled
with amazing art created by our Pre-K – 8th grade students.

3rd /4th graders in Ms. Kirsten’s class collaborated to create a beautiful quilt.

Come to our Open House on Sunday, January 28th at 11:15am to enjoy our Folk
Art gallery.

(Photo Above: Hawaiian Dignity Quilt)

With joy and gratitude,

Principal Susan Kilbane

Grace Notes for February 24

Prayers of the Faithful From September – mid-February 3rd/4th graders in Ms. Kirsten’s class write the Prayers of the Faithful each week for our Friday

Grace Notes for February 15

Kid Wind Challenge “Our 3rd – 8th grade students designed wind turbine blades (tested, improved, and tested again) with the goal of converting the kinetic energy of wind into

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STEM Challenge The sail car STEM challenge (adapted from REcharge Lab Activities) for our Pre-K – 2ndgrade students allowed our youngest students to engage in