Grace Notes for November 16

Cultivating Gratitude

Once per week in every Pre-K through 8th grade classroom, students write/draw what they are grateful for. In 5th – 8th grade, students respond to a prompt. They reflect in a variety of ways on the meaning of gratitude.

Kristin in 5th grade wrote:

I am grateful for this safe and welcoming school I go to. I am grateful for the time Mrs. Taylor gives us to do our work. We have to use the time wisely.

Other prompts include:

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. I am joyful when…

Someone who has re-kindled my happiness is…

Some people I am grateful for are…

Being grateful is foundational to our faith and to our school. (The journals in 5th/6th grade are made of recycled paper and cardboard. Recycling and reusing materials are integral to our faith and to our curriculum).

With joy,

Susan Kilbane

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