Grace Notes for October 12

I Am

Students in every classroom created a type of self-portrait in September. Amazing art fills our hallways, each classroom’s work unique.

Our 7th/8th graders created a collage and wrote a Where I’m From poem using the template from poet George Ella Lyon.

Excerpts from the poems of Holly, David and Zaydie are below.

I am from England, and the Outback,
Trifle and Anzac cookies.
From stories about my parents and
how they traveled the world.

I am from Seattle and Canada,
From Saturday pancakes and homemade soups.
I am from my dad’s campfire stories,
Chilling but warm at the same time.

I am from the white, polished kitchen
From the smell of Pike Place Market Tea and Thanksgiving Lunch
I am from the vibrant, dark walls
And the butterflies that flutter lifelessly on the fractured chandelier
I am from Hydrangeas and their indigo pom poms of petals
The big Fig Tree, with its limbs twisted in an unrepeatable pattern.


With joy,

Susan Kilbane

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Spring is Here! Students enjoy recess on our beautiful playground and in our courtyard with blooming cherry blossoms. With joy and gratitude, Principal Susan Kilbane