Grace Notes for September 28

Culture of Learning

After our Saint Cecilia Catholic School Patrons’ Endowment annual meeting two
weeks ago, I led Fulcrum Foundation’s Executive Director Vivian Shannon and
Advancement Director Amy Hall along with parishioners Lois Mahoney, Betsy Miller and
Eoin Dunstan on a school tour.

In each classroom, a student greeted our visitors, welcomed them and told them
about what students were working on. The Culture of Learning cultivated throughout our
school is truly a joy to behold.

When we arrived in the 5th /6th grade classroom, Israel immediately volunteered to
explain the letter he was composing. He shared,

“We are writing letters to Mrs. Taylor to explain what job we want in the classroom. I have been at this school for so many years. I want to be the Messenger because I know this school like the back of my hand.”

His sister Citlaly graduated from SCCS four years ago. She is now a freshman at the
University of Washington in the Nursing Program. Israel is a collaborative learner, a hard
worker and a faith-filled individual, just like his older sister.   

Photo – Israel and Citlaly

With joy,
Susan Kilbane

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