Grace Notes for August 10


We focus on a word every two months, weaving the sentiment of the word throughout our culture and curriculum. Father Mark refers to the words during his homilies at our weekly School Mass, connecting the words to Gospel readings.  The words are mindfully chosen, connected to faith and learning.

Sept/Oct       FORTITUDE:  strength, perseverance, stamina to begin our year

Nov/Dec       SERVE:  Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas

Jan/Feb        DIGNITY:  Dr. Martin Luther King’s message

March/April  HARMONY:  Lent, Easter

May/June     CURIOSITY:  Care for the Earth, hands on science projects

In addition, we choose a schoolwide theme to shape and guide our year.  Our theme for the 2023-2023 school year is:


(Praise, Joy, Thanks)

Grace Notes for September 21

Learning in Community Every year, all students write me a letter which teachers and I use as our first writing assessment of the year. Below

Grace Notes for September 14

Living Our Faith Our entire school staff kicked off the year with a mini field trip to see thenewly installed troll at Sakai Park. Pia

Grace Notes for September 7

We Serve the Community Included in our Schoolwide Learning Expectations is the following: WE SERVE THE COMMUNITY1. Identify and respond to the needs of others2.