Grace Notes for February 16th

Science and Stewardship

In mid-January, our 5th-8th graders participated in an afternoon of Science and Stewardship at Blakely Harbor Park.  Science teacher Mary Van Eaton explained what students learned and how they contributed to caring for the earth:

“Our 5-8th graders had a brief introduction to the restoration efforts at the park.  Non-native species are being removed – mainly blackberries.  A work party had removed huge quantities of blackberries two days before we arrived.  Our students hauled 8 yards of fresh mulch from where it had been dumped to a location that had been cleared of blackberries.” 

“Natural Resources Manager Lydia Roush of for the Parks Department explained to the students that the mulch will restore nutrients to the soil, retain water, and suppress the regrowth of the blackberries.

Learning about our environment and caring for it go hand in hand. 

With joy and gratitude,
Principal Susan Kilbane

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