Grace Notes for February 9th

Faith Grows

Faith grows when it is lived and shaped by love.

When answering the school phone, Office Manager Kiri Jones says, “How can I help?” Along with hearing New Zealand in her voice and her phrases, she exudes positivity, at every turn.  The message is one of invitation and service.

Being positive and serving all is fundamental to our school culture. Staff and teachers work collaboratively to support the learning and growth of each student.  We share strategies and best practices throughout the year to ensure each student gets what s/he needs to thrive.

We are 100% clear on our mission to live our faith daily as we provide an exceptional academic program.  We build students capacity to communicate, collaborate, create, think critically and be curious. Our engaging curriculum is experienced within a Culture of Care.

Students learn from all adults and from classmates that we help one another, at every turn.  Faith does indeed grow when it is lived and shaped by love.

With joy and gratitude,
Principal Susan Kilbane

Grace Notes for March 30

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Grace Notes for March 16

Living Lent Daily Our 7th/8th graders reflect each morning during Lent on a scripture passage from the website:  The site includes a daily 3-minute