Grace Notes for January 7th

Fostering a Culture of Care

Our 5th/6th graders wrote one letter a week for 8 weeks expressing to their classmates what they appreciate about them.

Dear Sabella, I have noticed many kind acts that you have performed this week. I could see you asking other people to come play, like when you invited some students in 3rd and 4th grade to play soccer. I admire your respect for the people that you invite, and your sense of gratitude for other people’s acts toward you.

I applaud your great jokes when someone feels down and your fantastic flexibility for our classroom. You are probably sitting there and asking, “What does flexibility have to do with being kind?” The answer is, having someone that grumbles at a slight change or makes a big deal about a difference is not always fun to be around, but if you are flexible not only can you go in to the splits easily, but you can make others feel better about a change or even make one go smoother.

Building a Culture of Care is an integral part of our curriculum at every grade level. We are blessed big time to learn and grow together, living our faith every step of the way.

With joy and gratitude,
Principal Susan Kilbane

Grace Notes for February 2nd

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Grace Notes for January 19th

Our Open House is Sunday, January 29th 11:15am – 12:30pm Students, parents, parishioners and prospective families are welcome! You will see MOSAIC art created by