Grace Notes for July 20


A few months back, I was asked to review one module of a religion curriculum that is in the process of being written.  Included in the module was the following list of types of prayer:

Blessing:  Recognition of God’s gifts and our joy in receiving them

Petitions:  Prayers for self

Intercessions:  Prayers for others

 Prayers of Thanksgiving:  Expressions of gratitude

Prayers of Praise:  Prayer calling out God’s goodness for its own sake

Throughout the school week, we engage in all five types of prayer with students and teachers. 


I have a few small notebooks filled with blessings, collected over the years.  The blessing that has resonated with me most in in the past two months is:

May the longtime sun shine upon you,

All love surround you,

And the sweet light within you,

Guide you on your way.

-Irish Blessing-

Grace Notes for September 21

Learning in Community Every year, all students write me a letter which teachers and I use as our first writing assessment of the year. Below

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We Serve the Community Included in our Schoolwide Learning Expectations is the following: WE SERVE THE COMMUNITY1. Identify and respond to the needs of others2.