Grace Notes for March 14


The Catholic teachings say, “Each person is sacred” as we are all created
in the image of God.

I find that treating others with dignity comes easy to my classmates at
SCCS, and so does respect. Everyone uses the gifts God has given them to their
fullest while supporting others whether someone is presenting, needs help or
even including others in a game. Each person is treated with respect here
because they are worthy of it, and each person is treated with dignity because they are entitled to it.

As children of God, our dignity shall forever be sacred to us and others
dignity should be as well. If we do not treat others with the worth they
deserve, then how are we embodying God’s love in ourselves? So, never doubt
the value you were born with, because our dignity is what makes us human.

(Excerpt from Marley Dow’s writing, 8th grader)

With joy and gratitude,

Principal Susan Kilbane

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