Grace Notes for March 21

Dignity Writing excerpt

Dignity is treating others fairly and as kindly as yourself. It means to give respect and realize that people are all different, and that you must give respect and kindness to all, no matter their differences. I notice that at the morning meetings we have every Monday, sometimes you have us talk about stuff like dignity. When we have something to say or something to define, everybody gives respect and dignity, even if the definition is wrong. That’s something I like about SCCS, we encourage each other instead of bringing each other down.

Cece, 5th

With joy and gratitude,

Principal Susan Kilbane

Grace Notes for April 4

Stewardship – Caring for the Earth Our schoolwide stewardship for the year is caring for the earth. Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Riley and our5th /6th graders

Grace Notes for March 28

Stations of the Cross – Prayers by students Each 7th and 8th grade student wrote a description of one Station of the cross along with

Grace Notes for March 14

Dignity The Catholic teachings say, “Each person is sacred” as we are all createdin the image of God. I find that treating others with dignity