Grace Notes for March 9

Serving Others

The Italian Dinner was a whopping success last month!  A big, joyful crowd enjoyed a delicious meal, lovely music and the fellowship of family and friends. A huge thank you to Brendan Curran and his team for organizing such a wonderful parish event.

Five of our 7th graders volunteered to serve food and clear tables.  Holly, Zadie, Megan, Ruby and Eli were polite, friendly and very helpful.

Our fabulous five student volunteers are making their Confirmation in April.

Their experience of service at the Italian Dinner taught them how much fun it is to help others.

We look forward to the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and Sing-along on Saturday, March 18th at 6:00pm in Conger Hall.  We are so grateful to have these opportunities to gather together.

With joy and gratitude,
Principal Susan Kilbane

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