Grace Notes for March 16

Living Lent Daily

Our 7th/8th graders reflect each morning during Lent on a scripture passage from the website:  The site includes a daily 3-minute video with photos, instrumental music, a scripture passage and questions to facilitate reflection.  On a recent morning, the scripture passage was Matthew 5:23-25 focused on reconciliation. 

“Reconciliation is probably one of the most difficult tasks for Christians.  How often do we judge, hold grudges, label and distance ourselves from those who have hurt us or simply not met our standards?   I task myself with discovering what it is God loves about that person.”  (3-minute video)

Students wrote their reflections based on the following question:

Is there anyone I need to make peace with, to show kindness to?   

This multisensory experience allows students to learn about their faith while living it.

With joy and gratitude,
Principal Susan Kilbane

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