Grace Notes for August 31

Pictured above: Fabulous middle school teachers Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Lee-Despard

Here We Go!

School is back in session starting Tuesday, September 5th . We open the doors each
morning at 8:15am. All students are expected to be in their classrooms ready to begin the
day by 8:30am. As always, I will be standing in the hallway to greet students as they enter.
Our morning greeting teaches our students the importance of welcoming and being

On the first day of each week, we meet in a Whole School Prayer Circle in the first-
floor hallway next to the office. Led by a student, we collectively recite two prayers, the
Pledge of Allegiance and our Schoolwide Learning Expectations. We discuss our word-of-
the-month and talk about the events of the week ahead. Our whole group gathering sets
a positive tone for the coming week.

Every Friday at 8:45am, we celebrate School Mass along with parents and
parishioners. Older and younger student buddies sit together during Mass. Students serve
as altar servers, readers, singers in Honors Choir and gift bearers.

We look forward to a year marked by faith and learning along with fun and
friendship. Here we go!

Grace Notes for September 21

Learning in Community Every year, all students write me a letter which teachers and I use as our first writing assessment of the year. Below

Grace Notes for September 14

Living Our Faith Our entire school staff kicked off the year with a mini field trip to see thenewly installed troll at Sakai Park. Pia

Grace Notes for September 7

We Serve the Community Included in our Schoolwide Learning Expectations is the following: WE SERVE THE COMMUNITY1. Identify and respond to the needs of others2.