Grace Notes for June 8

Excerpts from the Writing of Our Graduates

The characteristics of a discoverer are found in everybody, such as courage and curiosity. It is very important to discover new things. It can open a whole new door into how you see the world and yourself.

I think the word discovery means you figure out or uncover something either you’ve never seen before or something no one else has ever seen before. When I was in 3 rd grade, I discovered how to play basketball. I discovered my love of basketball and I’ve played it ever since.

If you have a creative mind, you see life through a different lens than if you are all about facts. Somebody with a creative mind might look at a shell on a beach and think of a hundred different things this shell must have seen between the ocean and being on land. But another person can pick up the same shell and only see that it’s pink and white and nothing else. This is important because if you only see something for what it looks like you will never discover more about an item.

Discovery is the finding of new things. For me it means finding out new experiences or locations. A time I found something is when I decided to do archery and I still do it. I tried something new and it went well.

I define discovery as opening your world to something new. If you want to discover new things, you have to have an open mindset and a positive attitude. I have discovered many activities good and bad. I discovered I like art and I love volleyball.

Mending is essential in life. It can restore relationships, bring people together and grow communities. If you go to mend a relationship, then you can help not just yourself but the other person.

With joy and gratitude,
Principal Susan Kilbane

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