Grace Notes for March 23

Social Studies/Art Integration

Every classroom engaged in a Mosaic project during our 2nd trimester.

Teacher Kirsten Lauer Karahan and her students created mosaic art pieces as
part of their larger study on Native Americans of Washington.

“In Social Studies our 4th grade class became a Pacific Northwest tribe with two clans.
The People of the River were represented by the Black Bear Clan and the Salmon Clan.

Together we role-played historical events and treaties, experiencing both celebrations and loss.
A third group comprised both Salmon and Black Bear Clan members created a tribal crest
that would represent both clans” (Kirsten Lauer Karahan).

Students worked in groups of four. Each member of the group drew a design based on the artwork they learned about in Social Studies. One design was chosen and transcribed onto a rectangular piece of wood. Students glued on multicolored beans and rice to create their mosaic.

The final products represent deep learning and joyful collaboration.

With awe,
Principal Susan Kilbane

Grace Notes for June 1

School Mass Attending School Mass together every Friday at 8:45am is a tradition for us. Students are ushers, altar servers, members of the choir, readers,

Grace Notes for May 25

Holy Spirit Last month, 20 students from our parish and our school were confirmed. A huge thank you to Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation Stacy

Grace Notes for May 18

Democracy The focus of the Law Day Essay Contest sponsored by the Kitsap County Bar Association was DEMOCRACY.  Saint Cecilia Catholic School students made a