Grace Notes for March 30


Our schoolwide word for January and February was DISCOVER.  Excerpts from student essays are below.

To discover something, you have to have an open mindset and you have to be creative. I discover new things every day, especially at school.

It is very important to discover new things. It can open a whole new door into how you see the world and yourself. As a community, discovering is the way we can solve problems.

I am a discoverer. I find new things all the time. I find new things about the world and people around me every day.

I find that the easiest way to start is to push away all stereotypes you have about this new thing and start with an open slate. It is important to be open to new things and not be afraid of change or differences. Go ask questions and learn new things.


With joy and gratitude,
Principal Susan Kilbane

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Spring is Here! Students enjoy recess on our beautiful playground and in our courtyard with blooming cherry blossoms. With joy and gratitude, Principal Susan Kilbane